One day you wake up and realise you can’t do some of the things you wanted to do

One day you wake up and realise you can’t do some of the things you wanted to do

Stewart Island

I have quit my job, a good job and I will move out of my flat this coming Sunday to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. It was not an easy choice and a choice I could have easily not made and keep leaning back into the comfort of a weekly income and a place to sleep and food in the fridge. But as nice as this might sound, the feeling that there is so much more out there became stronger and stronger and it was time to go.
Sleepless nights and very large doubts, which are still there, weather I made the correct choice. This, however is something you will only find out once you look back, but at the same time, there is no such thing as the ‘wrong choice’ I could have stayed in my job for years, but if that would have truly challenged me, I doubt it.

I do not have solid plans, and that is good and scary at the same time. I will start with walking parts or the whole length of the South Island and will stay in DOC huts, I could be there for days in order to capture the beauty of this country. Not having any plans means I can be open to any opportunity on my path and who knows, I could end up somewhere I had not thought about and that is so exciting.

I must say I have had a lot of help from friends who would tell me ‘what do you have to loose?’ and it is true, what do I have to loose. Looking back on my life I have always managed, always landed on my feet, always had a bed, food and work….so what do I have to loose and what am I so scared of? To loose the comfortable chair and scared that I will not get it back? This notion is a big limitation for a lot of us, as we get scared to let go, scared something less perfect will come into that place. Evolution will however always give you an upgrade.

So, I will start walking soon and see what will happen. I will keep you updated, either via this blog or instagram.

“Is it only when we loose everything we realise we have nothing to loose, or when we give up everything we realise we have everything to gain” Govinda Niels Koervers


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