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As some might know I quit my job, gave up my flat, put my stuff in storage and left the comfort of all this consciously. They say life starts outside your comfort zone, so in other words, my life has just started. It always sounds amazing when you read about somebody else doing this, you get all inspired, but to put yourself into this position of is a different story. For weeks I could not sleep as I had to hand in my notice but I just felt I had to as I was not moving forward in my job and I was leaning back to much, my weekly pay check, a nice flat and all other comforts. I did not have anything else planned, I had no other job to go to, the only thing which I wanted to do and am doing is doing some amazing walks on the South Island of New Zealand and for the rest, I am letting things reshape themselves.

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Once you make a step like this, I think it’s like changing diets, change will happen on so many levels and the hard part is to keep faith. I don’t think I have ever felt like this before, like being spun around by a big wave. You become quiet, you will have to, as you will need to listen to the new sounds, the new experiences and you will react differently to them as what you have done before.

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So today it is time to book the tickets to India, my place of birth, and all I know is that I am going to a wedding there and getting my teeth fixed, but nothing else is planned and that is part of it. If you want change, you will have to be open to new experiences and some can be a bit scary, but is that not the way you learned to ride a bike? Funny in a way how we become rigid when we get older.

I can admit, reading Shantaram was an inspiration for me. If you have not read the book

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I’m looking forward to India and I’m excited what will come on my path. But before I go, I will explore a few more corners of New Zealand and I will share the beautiful landscapes with you.


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  1. I’ve no doubt that you thought long and hard before giving up the security of the day-job, since we are indoctrinated from birth to “get a good job, with a pension, pay your bills, and be successful” etc.
    I wish you many many happy experiences in your journey. I’ve no doubt there will be times when you doubt the wisdom of your folly etc, but honestly, when you look at it – we are all only on this amazing planet for a limited time. May as well step off the monorail that civilization has become and live it a little, experience it.

    I’m a little bit jealous of your photography skills tbh – that’s a potential wage right there. I’d do India in a second if I felt brave enough to cast off the anchors I’ve got so used to!

    Keep posting your amazing pictures. And have a most amazing time in the process :)
    (Hey, if you write a book, pass it to me for a bit of early proofreading – I’m pretty anal on grammar – will happy nitpick the bad bits out for ya!).

    Happy travels. Be safe. And mostly just enjoy!

    • Hi Theresa,

      Thank for you for the kind words. It is all very exciting, but also very scary. This is the first time I have totally let go and not sure what will be at the other end. I only knew I had to quit my old job and make room for something new, but I still have no idea what that will be. The India trip was not really planned, I was planning to stay in New Zealand and live on an oily rag for a while and explore this beautiful country. Then I chipped my two front teeth again and was told I need new crowns, if I had still had my job I would have done it here, but with no current income I looked for cheaper option and that is where India came up and I had a wedding invitation there too.

      It is a good lesson in having faith! And becoming a little quieter and listening what is going on.

      I will keep you posted with images and if I end up writing a book I will take you up on your offer, I like writing, but I write the way I think and that might not be the best way. Also English is not my first language so I struggle with fancy words and have to wiggle my way around it.

      Thank you again,

      All the best!

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